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Scrapbook - Purdue University

Holiday Send-off at Boiler Up 2022

BoilerUp Sendoff Dec2022_edited.jpg

Sugar Creek Canoe Outing 2022

Sugar Creek Group Picture 2022_edited.jpg

Matt and Austin PLIF Imaging RDE Tests 2021

Austin and Matt in Control Room.png

Austin with RDE Setup for PLIF Imaging 2021

Austin RDE.png

Alber's Wedding with Venkat, Daniel, Naveed 2021

Zach with Premixed RDE 2021 

Alber Douglawi Wedding.png
Zach RDE.png

At SE Christmas Party 2019

Vaishnavi and Alber 2018

Group Picture 2017

Alber's MS Defense with Arafat and Venkat 2018

Diane and Vaishnavi 2017

Venkat, Arafat, and Karna 2017

Mikhail and Mike 2017

Erlangen 2017

Mike and Arafat 2017

Jordan and Dan Brune 2017

Mateo, Alex, and Zach 2017

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