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Purdue to Advance Hydrogen-Fueled RDE-Turbine Integration

A Purdue team involving Profs. Guillermo Paniagua, Terrence Meyer, Carson Slabaugh, and James Braun along with collaborators at Argonne National Laboratory was recently awarded a University Turbines Systems Research (UTSR) grant from the Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy on hydrogen-based rotating detonation engine (RDE) power generation. The team of university, national laboratory, and industry partners will develop a novel, compact combustor-diffuser-turbine strategy to transition high-speed, unsteady flow from rotating detonation combustors (RDCs) to industrial turbines. Physics-based-models will be developed to scale results to an F-class turbine, culminating in an experimental/numerical methodology to establish a successful architecture and the relevant nondimensional parameters for powerplant operation at high thermodynamic cycle efficiency.

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